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Rather than trying to fit you into a pre-determined template, I create an approach to meet your individual needs utilizing your current resources. I am NOT an expert from the outside with all the ideas; rather, I am a partner that's there to facilitate your ideas and those of your company. Who better knows their company than the individuals that live it on a daily basis? Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. That's were I come in.

Innovation and change are actions that face all businesses. There are more businesses and organizations that can be creative and bring forth new ideas than there are businesses and organizations that can implement the changes required. Facilitating change is a concept I have mastered.

Strategic planning can take a back seat to “putting our fires.” The road to hell is paved with good intentions and in a reactive environment strategic thinking is “put off until tomorrow” and the business continues as usual - trying to solve today's issues with yesterday's thinking.

A favorite question that I ask is, “Would you want to be treated by a cardiologist today with 1990 technology?” Then why run your business in a similar manner. Learning how to take advantage of your existing resources will aid in maximizing your opportunities. The room for errors is growing smaller each day especially in a highly competitive market.

Learn how to be a leader without having to be the largest in your industry.


"Al's insight and business knowledge have proved invaluable to my growth, both personally and professionally. Al isn't your typical "business consultant." He's really a personal coach who, first, helps you discover the best within yourself. Then he helps you develop the tools to take your business to the next level."

– Pierre Manigault, Chairman of the Board, Charleston Post and Courier

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